If we have kittens available these are shown on our ‘available kittens’ section on our website, we also use social media to show our kittens and we ask you get in touch with the steps displayed on our home page to register your interest.
Sometimes we do not have kitten availability and you are expected to wait, we have a couple of options to choose from to join our waiting list:

Subscription & Paid waiting list.
Subscription is our mailing list, a pop up should appear when you visit our home page on this
website. (If it doesn’t, your cookies are blocking it and you will have to try another device.) You can enter your details via this pop up to subscribe and when we have kitten availability everyone on the mailing lists receives an email, there is no order in which we work through

Paid waiting list, you will have priority over subscribers. You pay a fee to join our wait list.

Is my deposit refundable? (paid list)
No deposits are non-refundable unless I can not supply a kitten to you.

How long do I wait? (Paid list)
You will be expected to wait 3-14 months for your chosen kitten, as we can’t control what nature decides.

What if timing isn’t great for us when our kitten becomes available? (Paid list)
You have the option to refuse up to 2 kittens, after this your deposit is forfeited.

I received an email of availability, what next? (Subscription & Paid)
Get in touch, email is usually the best way.

Can I specify colours / sex? (Paid list)
Yes of course, obviously the more open you are to colours etc the quicker your kitten will become available, but having a specified colour / sex is perfectly acceptable.

Sometimes we do have kittens available without joining the waitlist so always register your interest in any kittens and view our ‘available kittens’ section on the website.