Aurabeau cats breeding family members since 2012

Why choose us? Here at Aurabeau cats we are dedicated to our breeding cattery and have over the years worked extremely hard to achieve the breeding programme we have today so we are able to bring you, healthy, happily adaptable, socialised, true to type British Shorthairs.
Recently (2018) a new licensing law “Animal Welfare (Licensing of activities involving animals)” meaning all breeders are now required to be licensed to sell kittens. We are extremely proud to say we passed with a 5 star rating (the highest possible rating) and to add to this we are the ONLY 5 star licensed cat breeder in the WHOLE OF DORSET.

Our license number is: 8853

All our cats and kittens are registered with the GCCF (governing council of the cat fancy) or TICA. They are given the upmost best care, raised on high quality diets, our adults are vet checked yearly & receive their annual vaccinations. We do not over breed or over crowd our cats. They live happy, content lives with enriched environments. I am also proud to share with you I am qualified in Feline Care and Behaviour Award Level 3 so when you buy from us your not only buying from an experienced breeder but a qualified one to.