October 28, 2020
November 19, 2019

Colour: Red Harelquin

Aura is the start of our breeding programme of Scottish folds!

We have spent a vast amount of time researching the Scottish folds so we can breed this breed responsibly, the only ethical way of breeding is by doing a folded ear feline to a straight ear.

Tica allow the Scottish fold to be bred to a british shorthair to produce healthy, registered, true to type kittens.

Scottish fold have nearly every aspect the same as a british shorthair, but they are more cuddlesome and playful.

Aura is an absolute sweetie, she has a very kind personality and gets along so well with all the other felines here.


Felv / fiv – Negative

Does not carry the causative mutation for osteochondrodysplasia in the TERPV4-gene.

PKD normal